TRUTH – of all words ever spoken by man, perhaps, the only word, ever shrouded by mystery, yet at the same time glowing bright with astonishing clarity! Truth has forced man to think, compelled him to chase it, made him love it. In his quest for Truth, man has sacrificed his life, waged wars over generations and given up his valued possessions only to become wandering seekers. The search for Truth has made great men of mere mortals, yet, for Truth alone brothers have fought, friends separated. Truth has attracted man for ages, at times to take all away from him, at others to fulfill him. Man loves the Truth, and at the same time he fears it. He strives to know the Truth, yet he avoids it. Just when He thinks he is closest to attaining it, the Truth again becomes a distant dream, beyond the reach and scope of the ordinary. Strange indeed are the ways in which the Truth reveals itself. It remains unattained by seeking, yet seekers alone find it. And stranger still is the Truth itself..It is this search for Truth that forms the highest salvation for mankind. It is the realization of this Truth that forms the keynote of the International Vedanta Society.



  • Meditate
  • Read Vedanta
  • Take care of thy health
  • Avoid misuse
  • Think of others
  • Be self-reliant and true
  • Cultivate Love
  • Expand thy heart
  • Believe on God, Guru, Scriptures and Self
  • Become perfect
  • Give up spiritual ego at last
  • Say ‘Hare Krishna’


Living Embodiment of Truth and Love


The life of Bhagavan, the founder and life force of the International Vedanta Society, is an extraordinary portrayal of the journey of an ordinary being from the finite to the Infinite without deserting anyone or renouncing anything.

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The inspiring life of Bhagavan is an example of the flowering of the soul’s innate perfection into all aspects of a man’s character, manifesting both outwardly and in the deepest recesses of the heart. His life shows the possibility of a different way of living based on Truth and Love.

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Impelled by love for one and all, Bhagavan, in the last three decades, has infused the essence of Advaita Vedanta amongst people from all walks of life. He has spread the message of Vedanta not just in word, but also in realization of its essence.

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The Essence of IVS

    • Nothing exists except Brahman , Atman or God, which is one without a second.
    • Brahmajnana , Atmajnana or God-realization is the sole purpose of life. The Guru alone can impart this Knowledge, hence, devotion towards the Guru is indispensable.
    • The Embodiment of Love, Bhagavan is the life force and core of the International Vedanta Society.
    • To spread awareness about the nature of the Self, to make people aware of the existence of God and the process by which to attain It, is the sole objective of the Society.
    • The medium of spreading the essence of this subject is Love, and the chanting of Mahamantra ‘Hare Krishna’.

Five Divine Commands

    • Practice Vedanta daily.
    • Preach Vedanta daily.
    • Take food in return of work.
    • Be sincere in the service of Guru.
    • Shed your life in worship of God.

Our Achievements

'Salvation of the self and well being of the universe'

Serving society

Service above Self is the natural outcome of the practice of religion. We have dedicated our lives to the spiritual awakening of society in its entirety. Love is our way. Love, our medium. It is in love alone that the true nature of the Self finds spontaneous expression.

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Preaching Vedanta

Advaita Vedanta forms the essence of our being. In all our activities, be it a public discourse on the subtle verses of the Upanishads or the organization of a medical camp for the residents of a remote village, it is Vedanta we preach, Vedanta we glorify, Vedanta we manifest.

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Establishing Harmony

Vedanta explains the diversity of life as the apparent projection of one reality. This knowledge alone, validates the saying, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” and motivates our drive to restore harmony in a world divided on the illusory lines of religion, race and nationality.

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The Vedas are a large body of texts originating in Ancient India. Vedas are composed in Vedic Sanskrit or Sanskrit Literature.

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The Upanishads are a collection of texts that contain some of the central philosophical concepts ofHinduism.

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“Hear, ye sons of immortal bliss.I have known the self effulgent being, who is beyond all darkness. Knowing Him alone can we go beyond death. There is no other way.”

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Our Events


Birth Anniversary of Sri Bhagavan

3 rd January, 2017

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Nirvikalpa Samadhi Divas of Bhagavan

15th December,2016

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Sarada Maa Birth Anniversary

20th December,2016

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Ramkrishna’s Birth Anniversary

28th February,2017

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Birth Anniversary of Guruma

12th February,2017

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Logo of International Vedanta Society

The waters of the ocean represent the mind, much like the tumultuous tides of the ocean though only near the shore.  Similarly our mind seems restless on the surface, creating  chaos only on the outer periphery. Due to the agitations created by and within the mind, it appears to be a distinct entity. But, deep within, the mind is like the ocean- calm, serene and blissful.

The distant horizon shows the ocean merged with the endless sky, which represents the all pervading nature of the Self or Consciousness. In the likeness of the ocean, the mind too is ever merged with the Supreme Consciousness.

Motto of International Vedanta Society

आत्मनो मोक्षार्थं जगद्धिताय च (Sanskrit) – Atmano Mokshartham Jagaddhitaya Cha

Salvation of the Self and well-being of the universe. (English)

 Liberación del Ser y bienestar del universo. (Spanish)

Our Scriptures state this to be the goal and motto of the life of all human beings. Liberation of the Self from all the bondages of the world by virtue of the knowledge of Brahman is the first and foremost aim, yet at the same time, welfare of the world is what follows next, not as a duty, but as a direct consequence of the love that emanates spontaneously as a result of the realization of oneness with the Universe.

Our Blog and News



January 8, 2017 by admin, Spiritual experiences  0 comment

Everything is Impersonal & hence the Impersonal God Everybody is wanting something or someone! Nobody belongs to anybody! There is nothing to own or possess. Neither is there anything or anyone to reject.   The war is just in the mind! Self is vibrationless & absolute stillness. Until Self is realised, everything else is an […]

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I am That!

December 5, 2016 by admin, Uncategorized  0 comment

  God is Love Only God can inspire such love & devotion Only God can unify individuals from different races, country, ethnicity, creed, color, faith & religion & bring unity through His love Everyone is hungry for love Everyone wants love Everyone needs love Everyone is searching for love Only God can ignite that love […]

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Ten friends

July 5, 2016 by admin, Uncategorized  1 comment

Once, ten friends were venturing out in the woods.

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Bhagavan says- “He who makes the unknown known…”

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July 5, 2016 by admin, Uncategorized  22 comment

Once a devotee asked Bhagavan,” How can I help people? Which is the right way?”

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International Vedanta Society

Atmano Mokshartham Jagaddhitaya Cha.Salvation of the self and well-being of the universe

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