International Vedanta Society:


International Vedanta Society is the culmination of a dream long cherished by its founder- that the knowledge of the true nature of his self shall help man discover eternal peace by setting him free from the binds of his limited ego. The Society was formed on the 19th of November, 1989, with the sole objective of making people aware of the essence of Advaita Vedanta, and its role in reinstating world peace.


In conformance with realization and the words of our scriptures, we declare , ‘ Man is God. Nothing beyond prevails’. The widely held concept that God resides in the heart of man, is only half the truth. God is in everything that exists, nay God IS everything that exists. Here, ‘God’ refers to the universal consciousness that is life.


The Society was the result of the manifestation of divine will in Bhagavan, its core and founder, and had its humble beginning in the small chamber of a railway quarter in Guwahati. Bhagavan, who was then working for the North Eastern Railways, used to inculcate the essence of Vedanta amongst men and women, young and old ,who would gather around Him, whenever He was at home. Listening intently to His discourses many of them would often lose consciousness of the outer world and enter into varying depths of spiritual realizations. One day, after one such discourse, an old woman offered a ten rupees note to Bhagavan as the customary guru dakshina. Bhagavan did not know what to do with it, since Hewoud not use the money for any personal purpose. It was then that Bhagavan, by some divine intervention, decided that all money given to Him would henceforth be used as common fund for the formation of a Society that would help the whole of mankind to realize the essence of Vedanta.The International Vedanta Society was thus formedon the 19th of November, 1989. It was much later that a permanent ashram was acquired in Amingaon, Assam, which now serves as the headquarters of IVS.


International Vedanta Society provides a platform for men and women of all ages, ethnicities and cultures to celebrate the diversity of life by understanding the oneness of existence. Realization of the Self is the key note of IVS. Spearheaded by Bhagavan, the movement was carried forward by six of His disciples who went on to embrace sannyasa later on in their lives. The Society is now home to over thirty monastic disciples, and thousands of householder devotees, dedicated to the cause of the spiritual welfare of mankind. Seeking to cultivate the life giving message of Vedanta amongst the masses, all members and well wishers of I.V.S abide in letter and spirit by the belief that, Man Himself is God, and nothing beyond prevails.



Devotees of IVS also involve themselves in acts of social service such as distribution of clothes, blankets and food amongst the downtrodden and destitute.

Medical camps are organized and life- saving medicines are donated on various occasions to poor children and elderly patients.Water distribution camps are organized from time to time to serve cold water and juices to people exhausted in the scorching heat of summers. IVS also stands as a hope for providing education to the poor, by way of helping needy students get admission into schools and colleges. Special free education centres are also organized, and books and study materials distributed from time to time.


Driven by the Motto, AtmanoMokshartham, Jagaddhitaya Cha, (Realization of the Self, and well being of the universe), I.V.S has transformed

innumerable lives and rejuvenated them with the light of knowledge, self confidence and love.IVS has stood as a ray of hope for thousands of men and women, helping them to realize the tremendous spiritual potency within themselves. Discourses on Vedanta are held every-day across all the centres of IVS . The sannyasi disciples of Bhagavan, preach the essence of Advaitavedanta to all devotees, irrespective of caste, sex or religion. Different spiritual programmes and sittings are arranged from time to time wherein the philosophy as well as its practical aspects are discussed which enable one to manifest the hidden inherent divinity. Periodicals, books and leaflets are published from time to time, and cultural occasions hosted to raise awareness about the message of the Upanishads. Seminars are held in schools, colleges, and other institutions where the essence and usefulness of Vedanta are discussed and elucidated.


IVS has cut across the boundaries of race, nationality, religion and beliefs and provided the ideal platform for people all across the world to discover the oneness of existence. Reality is one, called by the name of Brahman, and there is no essential difference between man and man. It is this knowledge that burns to ashes all doubts and fears, and establishes harmony in the heart of man, as the real nature of his self shines forth.


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