Everything is Impersonal & hence the Impersonal God
Everybody is wanting something or someone!
Nobody belongs to anybody!
There is nothing to own or possess.
Neither is there anything or anyone to reject.


The war is just in the mind!
Self is vibrationless & absolute stillness.
Until Self is realised, everything else is an illusion.
The war will continue until one realises that he is Whole, that he is Free, that he is Self!
There is no other way to realise Self! There is only One Way!
Guru is the Only Way!
Guru is the Only Truth!
Guru is the Only Light!
Everyone & everything is just a teacher, a mirror for learning & for reflecting!
WITHOUT Guru’s Light of Illumination, nothing can be reflected. Nothing can be seen! Nothing can be observed! Nothing can be learned. Nothing can be Realised!
Guru is Everything!
This is a lone journey. There is no other way.
There is Only Guru’s Way! There is Only Guru’s Light! There is Only Guru’s Love!
Surrender at Guru’s Lotus Feet!
Dive in again & again until the Pearl is found, until the Self is Realised!

-Ash Hoon

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