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International Vedanta Society, Varanasi celebrated Bhagavan’s Birth Anniversary with a three day program. On day one, IVS Varanasi went to a village called Barahpur Ghazipur 3, UP, India to distribute sweaters, blankets among the villagers there. Cakes and biscuits were also distributed among the children of the village. On day Two, IVS, Varanasi, distributed cooked food to the poor people on the Ghats of river Ganga. Day Three, on 3rd January, Bhagavan’s Birth Anniversary was celebrated with a whole day cultural and [...]



International Vedanta Society, Kolkata celebrates the 76th Birth Anniversary of Bhagavan, the founder of the organization with a two day celebration. On day one, 2nd January, IVS Kolkata went to a village named Piali Kholaghata, 24Pgs, West Bengal, India to celebrate the occasion. The programme was attended by numerous physically handicapped persons along with all other villagers. Few blind people of that village who sing songs on local trains for their earnings, sung various Bhajans, Kirtans on this occasion. Swamijis [...]



Everything is Impersonal & hence the Impersonal God Everybody is wanting something or someone! Nobody belongs to anybody! There is nothing to own or possess. Neither is there anything or anyone to reject.   The war is just in the mind! Self is vibrationless & absolute stillness. Until Self is realised, everything else is an illusion. The war will continue until one realises that he is Whole, that he is Free, that he is Self! There is no other way to realise Self! There is only One Way! Guru is [...]


I am That!

God is Love Only God can inspire such love & devotion Only God can unify individuals from different races, country, ethnicity, creed, color, faith & religion & bring unity through His love Everyone is hungry for love Everyone wants love Everyone needs love Everyone is searching for love Only God can ignite that love Bringing it out as love for God Still seeing God as outside Not knowing that God is within Not knowing that Love is within Not knowing that Love is being generated from within Not knowing that God has [...]

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