I am That!


God is Love

Only God can inspire such love & devotion Only God can unify individuals from different races, country, ethnicity, creed, color, faith & religion & bring unity through His love Everyone is hungry for love Everyone wants love Everyone needs love Everyone is searching for love Only God can ignite that love Bringing it out as love for God Still seeing God as outside Not knowing that God is within Not knowing that Love is within Not knowing that Love is being generated from within Not knowing that God has started the generator of Love within Not realising that Self is within No wonder Guru requires absolute love & devotion No wonder Guru requires absolute surrender There is no one outside to surrender to Realisation is surrendering & realising the Love within Realisation is finding the Self within, outside, within everything & everywhere Guru is the mirror, reflecting the Truth Until the Self is seen Until God is realised That there is only One Without a second I AM THAT, I AM. – Ash Hoon (Bhagavan’s devotee from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)
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